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LaRocque Data Management & Analytics  is a consulting firm that helps organizations maximize the value of data through modernization. We focus on Strategy because leadership, expertise,  and experience are so critical to success, and yet require a very different mindset than delivery does. 

Any consulting firm working in delivery must manage its bench and "sell" the technologies  it masters. That is the business model, and not necessarily a bad thing once ready to deliver. However, using these firms to help create an Enterprise Data Strategy may not be in your best interest.

That is why we remain independent and focused on your objectives and your needs, and we work with you to establish  a solid strategy that fits your reality and not a vendor's view of the world. We feel that this is very important. That is not to say we do not know how to get things done, though. All of our senior advisors have years of delivery  experience under their belt. That is why we are able to help you create Data Strategies that work in the real world.

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what we do

The areas we work in

A Data and Analytics Strategy needs to be aligned to both the organization's Digital Strategy as well as its Business Plan. Most organizations have some or even all of the following areas in mind as they embark on rethinking how they work with data.


Take advantage of data-as-a-service and make your data and analytics technology environment more agile and flexible. Data lakes, data warehouses, data fabric and how the data makes it into insights that have impact.

SELF-SERVICE  environment

Create an environment where people can get to the data they need, when they need and however it is they need it.


Using real data and developing models to automate decisions needs the ability to have access to information in place (not creating another copy), a sandbox approach and a way to productionize them. 


Having impact on the front lines, as close as possible to the customer, at the best possible time, is what embedded analytics is all about.

Internet of Things approach

Streaming machine data and acting upon it in many different ways requires new capabilities.

Cognitive, machine learning & deep learning

Recognizing patterns in images, voice or other semi-structured data is probably where this branch of AI will have some major impacts in the next few years.

information security policies & solutions

The possibilities are great, but we still need to protect the data, ensure its privacy and control access. This requires classification and policies, and trickles down to architecture to support it. Covers GDPR which is being adopted all over the world.

Data governance, protection & ethics

Data quality, integrity and regulatory compliance and privacy  are just the beginning. One thing is for sure - governance is about empowering the business to take charge of its analytics destiny.

dataops, modelops

Continuous improvement and delivery applies extremely well to modern data pipelines. Based initially on agile principles, we saw Devops amd now Dataops (for normal data pipelines) and Modelops (for developing and productionizing predictive models).

in-project it team coaching

Coming up with the right recipe is certainly important, but it takes a lot of practice to become a chef. This applies to Data Transformations. Don't expect your teams to be proficient on day one. Our decades of in-project experience allow us to show you just how to "do" it.

data catalogs

An important part of "self-service" but also something that is often looked at on its own. We support the planning, choice and adoption of data catalogs.

education & training

All of these subjects can be the focus of training, customized for your needs and organization. Getting technical training will always be important, but understanding the big picture and how it all fits together is just as important.

what's in it for you

we want to earn your trust

We realize that our reputation can only carry us so far. We can certainly tell you we can help you,  but until we show it, it remains perception. So the risk is high for you to pick us. How can we solve this? We believe in our work because we have experience, expertise and we are constantly learning.  To make the decision easier, we offer a satisfaction guarantee.  This means we  will work to deliver the scope we agreed to until you are satisfied with its quality. It's as simple as that.

what we do

our services and how we work

We apply our framework and knowledge to help organizations realize the promise of data as a real asset. We package our services as follows, but they can be adjusted as needed. Expertise means we are in a position to add value whatever the constraints you may have, whether time-bound, financial or to solve a specific problem.


Understand your current state and get actionable recommendations to move forward.

  • 4-6 DAYS ON-SITE


Create the target Architectures and Designs for all key components.

  • OTHER EXPERTS as needed


The right tools for what you need to accomplish. From short list to full vendor management.

  • data science platforms
  • data pipeline
  • data catalog
  • databases
  • streaming
  • data marketplace
  • embedded analytics


Your Data Strategy is set, but you still need support to make sure it goes live and gets to value fast.

  • data governance design
  • organization design
  • insight discovery & design
  • project definition
  • program planning
  • data catalog adoption
  • demand management

on-site education
and training

We offer training in the following disciplines. Contact us for course outlines, contents, formats, outlines and costs.

  • prescriptive analytics & simulation
  • modern business intelligence
  • diagnostics analytics
  • data warehousing & big data
  • planning data-driven success
  • 1-hour, all-you-need-to-know about
    any data or analytics subject

various advisory &
consulting services

We can adapt and address any of your needs when it comes to Data Management and Analytics

  • implementation advice
  • vendor intro & management
  • education & mentorship
  • industry & vendor updates
  • advisor-led workshops
  • vendor pocs and evaluation
  • implementation teams


why a smaller boutique firm like us?

Good question. And if we can't answer it effectively, we don't deserve the business. Buyers of consulting services often  believe a large consulting firm is a safer bet. But what they often don’t consider is that a larger firm will also:
– Deploy a group of junior consultants with less experience
– Those consultants have to be paid while they learn
– The buyer usually doesn’t have direct access to the principal
– The buyer is just one of the larger firms’ clients, and as such doesn’t mean as much
– You will be shown "cred" profiles from far away who might or might not show up on the first day of the engagement

With LaRocque Data Management & Analytics, you have direct access to the senior team and the engagement lead,  an expert consultant in this area with 20+ years of experience. You don’t have to waste time dealing with inexperienced junior staff, and you don’t have to pay for them. You will be our top priority because not only do we work with fewer clients at once, you mean a lot more to us because we are seeking a reference, every time.

how we work

our framework

We like structure. It is part of the value we add. By following our framework, it is how we make sure we don't forget anything, and you avoid surprises later.

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what we think

our insights (blog)

Because we work day in and day out on Strategies, we read quite a bit and stay informed on the market, the trends and the strategic assumptions and implications that Data & Analytics leaders will have to consider. And to bring people to our website and make it more valuable as opposed to a simple online brochure, we share some of what inspires us here. We hope it will make you bookmark us and come back or at least give you a sense of who we are and whether you want to hire us.

Thank you for reading!

who we are

experience and leadership team

Our team of experienced Data & Analytics leaders are ready to help your organization mordernize how it works with data.

TDWI Educator, Analyst, Data & Analytics strategic consultant. speaker.


Educator, Analyst & Strategic Consultant
Innovative expert in analytics and data management


Data Management & AI Consultant
Big Data platforms,  business intelligence and data governance Expert


Data Governance & Big Data Consultant
Founder & Principal


Data Management & Analytics Strategist and Consultant
CISO, Cyber security and information security expert


Information Security & CISO Consultant
Strong expertise in data solutions architecture, data preparation and cloud


Solutions Architecture & Data Preparation Consultant
insurance industry data & analytics vp, strategic consultant


Insurance Data & Analytics Strategic Consultant

who we are

our dna

LaRocque Data Management & Analytics is an advisory firm exclusively focused on optimizing the use of analytics and maximizing the value of data. Our clients recognize us as a premier service provider in strategic advisory services. We are both practitioners and strategists in the areas that we serve. Our business is global, and our clients are medium and large organizations.

Advisory & Consulting
We cover all areas of data management and analytics: data quality and governance, business processes, technology and architecture, and organizational design.

Whom we serve
We serve those directly responsible for creating value with data by supporting business objectives. These include Chief Data Officers, Chief Analytics Officers, Chief Information Officers or business executives.

Experience & Clients
Our senior team is comprised of industry thought leaders and practitioners, and have an average tenure of more than 20 years in our area of expertise. We are data management and analytics veterans having served many large companies and organizations.

Client Service
Our only goal is to make our clients successful. We strive to act as strategic partners to our clients by leveraging our understanding of their business issues and our understanding of innovative & forward-thinking approaches. We deliver outstanding value-for-money and focus on a client service model that emphasizes transparency, communication, and responsiveness.

We hope to have the privilege of working with you at some point in the future. Please schedule a call with us.

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Marc-Eric LaRocque, BSc, MBA, PSM, PMP
Founder and Principal Consultant

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You know what we do. You do the same. You are a senior Data & Analytics professional or past executive, and you want to make a real difference to organizations by sharing your knowledge and helping them see clearly, to create a path forward.

Contact Marc-Eric LaRocque by clicking the button and let's discuss how you too can help clients be successful.